The Virtual Apartment Tour: What to Look For Before Applying

The world is changing, and apartment hunting is changing with it. There is an ever increasing demand to help clients that are either to busy working or relocating from out of state and searching for apartments near the Tesla gigafactory here in Austin. Virtual apartment tours are becoming more and more popular since all you need is a phone with Facetime, Google Meet or Zoom. It’s like an escorted, personal property tour that allows you to check out potential apartments from the comfort of your own home or office. But how do you conduct a virtual apartment tour and what do you need to be on the lookout for?

You need to be strategic and make sure that all the important factors are taken into account while going on tour in person and more so when doing a virtual apartment tour. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you should look for during your virtual apartment tour so that you can make an educated decision before deciding to apply for your next apartment.

1. Overall Layout and Space Utilization

Start by looking at the layout and how the apartment is used. Do you want an open layout or galley kitche? Notice how the rooms flow together, how much natural light is available, how many windows there are, if they are looking directly across from another building or apartment window, and the layout of key areas like the kitchen, bedrooms and living areas. Think about how your furniture and belongings would look in the space and make sure the layout matches your lifestyle and needs. Local Expert Tip: Ask your apartment locator to bring a tape measure to ensure your furniture and bed will fit!

2. Condition of the Property

Examine the condition of the property by carefully observing the walls, floors, and fixtures. Often times you’ll notice the small things like painted kitchen cabinets, layers of paint trim or even those dreaded door hinges that were painted over. Yuck!

Look for signs of wear and tear in flooring, underneath kitchen faucets, bathroom vanities, overcaulking in shower and bathtub corners as well as ongoing maintenance issues such as dead cockroaches or bugs on the floor, missing or burnt out lightbulbs as well as exposed electrical wires.

Pay close attention to the quality of finishes and whether they are painted over, the state of appliances, mismatching brands, and the overall cleanliness of the apartment – especialy the kitchen and bathroom! Take note of any areas that may require attention or raise concerns or inquire if it will be repaired before you take posession. Expert Local Tip: Texas lease agreements are generally very landlord friendly in my personal experience so oftentimes when you sign the lease it might specifically state that you are accepting the unit as-is.

3. Views and Surroundings

If the apartment has a view, take some time to look at it during your virtual tour – make sure to look up, down, left and right. The last thing you want is construction going up next door and jackhammers waking you up at 7am!

Think about the outdoor space, the view, and how much privacy it provides or how much you require. Can you hand outdoor curtains or cover an iron fence balcony with fake green plants? Also, think about the outdoor spaces that you might see, such as balconies or communal areas, and imagine how they would improve your living experience – especially if you have a view of downtown or one of Austin’s famous greenbelts.

4. Storage and Amenities

Evaluate the storage options and amenities provided within the apartment. Many older apartments in Austin have additional storage with an outside closet next to a water heater. Take note of the closet space – especially if it’s a walkin, has shelving at eye level or also above and below? What’s with the pantry availability, and additional storage features for that juicer your grandma left you. Do you still need a place for that instapot you got 5 years ago but used once?

Pay attention to amenities such as in-unit laundry or just washer/dryer connections. What’s up with the parking facilities, where do guests park and how long can they park there without getting towed? Is there a fitness center and what are the operational hours for the gym, pool and other communal areas. Talk to your trustworthy, local partment locator about what matters to you how they’re research can help align with your goals in finding the right apartment that matches your preferences and daily routines.

5. Neighborhood and Accessibility

Think about the neighborhood and how easy it is to get around to the apartment – especially during busy times with traffic! Do your research and find out what amenities are close by, if there are any public transportation options nearby, and what the overall community atmosphere is like. Use online mapping services to walk around the neighborhood in real time and see if there are any grocery stores like H-E-B nearby, restaurants nearby, parks nearby, and so on.

6. In-Depth Communication with the Leasing Team

During your virtual tour, take advantage of the chance to chat with the leasing team in person. Ask questions about unique features, recent refurbishments, maintenance plans, and any worries you may have had during your tour. Use the virtual platform to learn more about the property and the management team. Generally, you’ll want to make sure you get all of your questions answered.

Be sure to ask about any additional community amenitiy fees, trash fees, fetch package delivery fees, required internet and cable providers that service the community and what it will cost to get out of the lease early should you choose to move out earlier than the lease allows.

7. Future Growth and Adaptability

Think about where you’ll be living in the future and how well-equipped your apartment is to accommodate your lifestyle, friendship groups and proximit to where you work and play. Do you plan to work from home or expand your family in the future? How well-equipped is your apartment to accommodate those changes?

When it comes to virtual apartment tours with your apartment locator make sure you have a good connection so your images and video aren’t blurry. If you can connect to a wifi signal before joining the call. Pay close attention to the details and questions your Austin apartment locator may be prompting the leasing agent to cover or explain.

You also need to pay attention to the layout, the condition, the views, the storage, the amenities, the neighborhood, and the potential for growth. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision about renting a property based on all of these factors.

Utilizing technology to carry out virtual apartment tours is not only convenient and safe, but it also allows you to explore potential living spaces. This will help you to make a better and more confident rental decision.

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