Your Queries, Our Expertise: Unlocking Answers to Your Questions

Do you require an in-person appointment?

No! We certainly don’t want to waste your time and we don’t want to waste ours either! We’ll communicate via text or jump on a quick call to dicuss your situation. Please complete your client intake form to get started and we will be in touch. Alternatively, if you would like to meet in person we can accomodate your request based on availability, just let us know what works best for your situation and personality!

When should I start apartment hunting?

Inventory changes so quickly in Austin! Whether your looking to move in a few days or would like to get a head start 45-60 days before you plan on moving – shedule a call or Get Started with a client intake form. If you’re READY to start searching now and prefer to do your own research, you can use the Map Search tool to view apartments on your own.

Are your services really free?

Yes! Free means free. No games, no gimmicks, no B.S. Apartment locators receive small commission directly from the market budget of the apartment community you choose. Your rent is the same whether you choose to use the apartment locating services or not.

Can you just send me a list?

It takes work to put real time and effort into helping every client. In fact, often times it’s accessing 3 databases to help clients! You won’t receive an auto-generated list of apartments. Everything is hand selected based on your search criteria. Unlike other locating services, you can access more than just apartment listings by requesting single family homes, duplexes and townhomes. Just get in touch and ask about your options.

Can you get me below market rent?

In a word, YES! If you were to search on your own for an apartment, you may not have access to the best move-in specials available which could cost you money in rent. For instance, many new apartment communities need heads in the beds so to speak. These communities were just built and are leasing up. They are trying to fill their units as fast as they can so knowing which ones are offering the best deals may get you up to 8 weeks free plus a Visa cash card!

Are you a real estate agent?

Texas requires all apartment locators to be licensed. If you’re looking or talking to an apartment locator that doesn’t hold a Texas Real Estate Licence – WATCHOUT! By choosing to work with a license agent who is a member of Austin Board of Realtors, you’ll not only receive all of benefits of working with a professional searching for the right place, you’ll be able to access housing options that include privately owned condos, townhomes AND single family homes for rent that other apartment locators can’t even show.

How do I get my application fee covered?

From the moment you first start viewing properties, you’ll need to ensure you let the leasing agent know that you are working with an apartment locator. You need to also write the “agent’s name” AND “real estate agecy” in the referral section of your paper application. If you are applying online, there is a section titled “How did you hear about us?” or “Referral source” there you must choose “Apartment Locator” from the drop-down menu and then input “Ross Quade – Spirit Real Estate”

Thank you!

Some apartment communities, depending on the management company, don’t work with real estate agents and we won’t be able to reimburse your application free. In essence if the apartment you lease from refuses to pay a referral fee or doesn’t provide one, unfortunately you will NOT be able to receive your application fee after you move-in. Please ensure you take a moment to double check your application and simply write down “Ross Quade – Spirit Real Estate” on the guest card or application when you apply. It’ll also help ensure you feed my growing 12 year old!

What about evictions, broken leases or other challenging credit issues?

Great question! By accessing 3 databases and consistently monitoring what is available for renters that may have some blemishes on their background you may have more options that you’d think. No judgement here, just knowledge to help you find a place that meets your needs and saves you money on application and admin fees so you don’t throw money down the drain. Don’t get denied, get approved and contact us today to discover housing options that work best for you.

What about arrests, misdermeanors, felonies and bankruptcies?

We have apartment communities in our network that may work with all types of background issues. Time restrictions based on how old the offense is may apply but you should reach out to learn more about your best options.

Do you work with section 8 or smart housing?

Yes. There are plenty of communities accept section 8 and smart housing vouchers here in Austin. Please ensure to notate your housing voucher page located here.

Do you work with long term corporate housing, blanket leases and short term rentals?

Yes and no! Depending on what you’re looking for there may be an opportunity for us to work together. It’s easier to get in touch and tell me about what you’re looking for on our blanket lease/corporate please reach out. If you’re looking specifically for someone to locate short term rentals you might try going to to Airbnb or VRBO directly

Additional Questions?

If you have another question we didn’t provide an answer for here, please reach out!