The Secret is Out – How to Find the Best Apartments Near the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin TX!

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If you’re searching for the top apartments near the Tesla Gigafactory, you’ve come to the perfect place. With the recent establishment of the new Gigafactory by Elon Musk, numerous employees are seeking to avoid long commutes and reside in close proximity to their workplace. It’s understandable, considering the often nightmarish traffic on Austin’s 35W during morning and afternoon rush hours. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to spend $5 each way on toll-roads just to travel to and from work, especially if you’re interested in apartments located off the newly completed Highway 183.

In addition to the convenient location of each apartment community near the Tesla Gigafactory, we have insider knowledge about several communities that offer the best discounts.

Some examples that you can take advantage of when working with us include:

  • Up to 6 Weeks FREE
  • Waived $200 Administrative Fee
  • Waived $50/Person Application Fee

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Ross, the Locator Boss

With so many commuities to choose from, let us help you narrow down your choices. We will save you time and money. While the majority of the apartment communities near Tesla on 1 Tesla Rd, Austin, TX 78725 are new and were built between 2021 and 2023, there are some older complexes that could be considered pretty basic such as Fort Branch or The Beckett versus many of the newer construction buildings. Some people don’t mind old buildings but it’s important to how much you might pay in extra utilities on an older building verus a new community with energy efficient appliances. East Austin and Southeast Austin in particular has a variety of neighborhoods with different vibes, amenities and cultures so you’ll want to think about the type of lifestyle you imagine living in each of these communities and what access to other amenities they have such as pools and gym facilities. Lucky for you, we have the knowledge to help you research and determine which communities are best for you.

Regardless of the lifestyle or budget you have in mind, we have access to the best move-in specials near Tesla and are familiar with which communities offer the best employment discounts you’ll receive for being employed at Tesla.

Our Top Community Picks (within 10 miles of Tesla) Recommend by Ross, the Locator Boss : 512-320-4599

Citizen House MLK

  • 6117 FM 969, Austin, TX 78724
  • Built 2023
  • Rent range $1534-$3000
  • Square Footage 650-1282
  • Average Rent $2.36sq/ft.
  • 4 weeks free on 1 bedrooms with a 12 month lease
  • Pricing and Availability are Subject to Change.

Arise Riverside

Bluestem at Loyola

  • 8101 Loyola Lane Austin, TX 78724
  • Rent Range $1699-$2634
  • Square Footage 855-1482
  • Average Rent $1.98sq/ft.
  • Built in 2024
  • 6 weeks free on 14 month lease. Opens January 10, 2023
  • Waived $50 application fee and $200 admin fee
  • Pricing and Availability are Subject to Change.


  • 6507 E. Riverside Dr, Austin 73725
  • Rent Range $1187-$2000
  • Square Footage 418-1038
  • Average Rent $2.83sq/ft.
  • Built in 2023
  • 1 month free plus deposit specials
  • Pricing and Availability are Subject to Change.

Urban East

  • 6400 E Riverside Dr, Austin, TX
  • Rent Range $1075-2099
  • Square Footage 591-1454
  • Average Rent $1.81sq/ft.
  • Built 2023
  • 6 weeks free!
  • Pricing and Availability are Subject to Change.


  • 2001 Ed Bluestein Blvd, Austin, TX
  • Rent Range $1410-$3132
  • Square Footage 527-1504
  • Average Rent $2.67/sq/ft.
  • Built 2021
  • 4 weeks free
  • Pricing and Availability are Subject to Change.

Aspire at Del Valle

  • 6514 Ross Rd, Del Valle, TX 78617
  • Rent Range $1300-$2100
  • Square Footage 595-1161
  • Average Rent $2.18sq/ft.
  • Built 2023
  • 4 weeks free on 12 month lease
  • Pricing and Availability are Subject to Change.

Spectra Parks

  • 5301 Decker Ln Austin, TX 78724
  • Rent Range $1279-$1805
  • Square Footage 650-1250
  • Average Rent $1.95sq/ft.
  • Built 2021
  • 4 weeks free
  • Pricing and Availability are Subject to Change.

Brixton South Shore

Fort Branch at Trumans Landing

No matter which apartment you choose to be at you want to live close to Tesla! We can help narrow down your best options, save you a boat…err I mean Cybertruck…load of money and answer any questions you have. We work with apartments from any website including the Austin MLS and if you see a listing on another website we can conduct a rent analysis, verify the price, terms and qualifications.

Looking for a Move-in Special Near Tesla? Call Ross, the Locator Boss Today! 512-320-4599

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