Apartment Approvals in Austin with a Misdemeanor on Your Background Record

You don’t need to get denied for having a misdemeanor on your record!

Similar to renters with felonies on their records, some renters may face difficulties in getting approved for an apartment with a misdemeanor on their background. Sadly, many people assume because they have a checkered past with a misdemeanor that they may be limited in their apartment choices. If you’ve faced rejection from apartments or need help locating accommodation due to your background, keep reading this article to discover what options you have available during your apartment search.

Navigating the Landscape of Misdemeanor-Friendly Apartments in Austin

Individuals with misdemeanors often confront discrimination and doubt from landlords and property management firms for various reasons and while some communities may outright decline you for a DWI/DUI as an example, we have access to communities that will approve you! There’s a prevailing perception that individuals with a criminal history, even for lesser offenses, are inherently untrustworthy and this in turn often scares people from applying. In fact if you’ve been denied at one apartment complext it’s easy to get the impression that you might be denied at another! This is one of the primary reasons you need to hire an apartment locator for free!

Apartment locators like ourselves work to screen out the complexes and communities where you will get denied. It’s bad enough you’ve got this cloud over your head making you wonder if you’re just wasting all your time and money looking at places wondering if you’ll even get approved.

Certain property owners like Greystar property management may enforce stringent policies against renting to individuals with a criminal past, especiall those with Class A misdemeanors which can inturn complicate the search for your perfect apartment. Thankfully, individuals with misdemeanor backgrounds can utilize our apartment locating services to find suitable accommodation in areas like South or North Austin that are amenable to those with misdemeanor records.

List of Common Misdemeanors That May Concern You in Getting Approved for an Apartment

Class A Misdemeanor:

  • Evading Arrest on Foot – running to fast and blending in on the ladybird lake trail?
  • Perjury – say what?
  • Assault with Bodily Injury – why are forks so sharp?
  • Cruelty to Animals – did Fido really need his ear pierced?
  • DWI (second offense) – it might be time to join that local AA chapter?
  • Violation of Protective Order – you fought the law and the…law won?

Class B Misdemeanor:

  • Criminal Trespass – don’t you know what “do not enter means”?
  • DWI/DUI – c’mon now, it’s Texas ya’ll but you can’t do this. Seriously!
  • Prostitution – only in Vegas
  • Harassment – find something else to do already!
  • Indecent Exposure – put that thing away!
  • Riot – black lives matter as do women’s access to abortions
  • Possession of 2 ounces or less of marijuana – it’s almost legal as of 5/2024!

Class C Misdemeanor:

  • Assault by Threat – damn those are some spicy words!
  • Gambling – did you win or loose?
  • Disorderly Conduct – probably involved alcohol?
  • Public Intoxication – you were down on dirty 6th weren’t you!?
  • Use of Laser Pointers – that was cool in 5th grade but put that stuff away!
  • Minor in Possession of alcohol – not cool.
  • Leaving Child in a Vehicle – also not cool.

The Role of Utilizing an Apartment Locator to Screen Misdemeanor Friendly Apartments

Apartment finders like Ross Quade specialize in assisting individuals with criminal backgrounds that include misdemenaors can serve as a crucial link between potential tenants and housing opportunities you didn’t know exsisted. If you’ve experienced a denial at a recent apartment or faced rejection and are struggling to find an apartment in your area due to a background issue relating to one of the below misdemeanors in the State of Texas, it’s worth completing our client intake form and exploring second chance apartments that will approve you with a misdemeanor on your record.

Your available options for housing will depend on several factors, including the type of charge listed on your criminal record and other relevant details like income and credit score. It’s crucial to be transparent with your apartment specialist about your criminal record or credit report with the date of the misdemeanor and if you are trying to get it expunged.

We talk to a lot of people and don’t want to waste your time. The fastest way to ensure we can assist you is by asking you to complete our client intake form. Open communication with your apartment locator will simplify the process and reduce the burden of hunting for a apartments that will approve you once you are screened and they see the misdemeanor. We encourage you to share openly with us; it will facilitate our work and enable us to provide you with the most effective assistance in locating suitable housing.

Austin Housing Misdemeanor Friendly Apartment Locator Requirements:

  • Your income should ideally be at least 3x the monthly rent in the area you are looking to rent. If it’s not, we have 3 apartments communities (1 in South Austin and 2 in North Austin) Discover expert apartment locating services dedicated to helping individuals with misdemeanors on their record find approved housing. Our team assists in navigating the rental market, ensuring you secure the perfect apartment despite past challenges.that will approve you at 2.5x the monthly rent.
  • Credit score should be above 550. Check with creditkarma.com to see your score for free without running your credit.
  • Preference for having rental history.
  • You and co-applicant cannot have more than 1 background issue in total.
  • No sex crimes.
  • No injury to child/elderly.
  • No violence.

Benefits of Working with an Apartment Locator that Knows Apartment Communities that Will Approve Renters with Misdemeanors:

  1. Apartment Data Resources that Matter:
    Save your time and money by hiring an apartment locator for free. You don’t need to call around endlessly wondering which communities to apply at. As apartment locators stive to assist people with misdemeanors on their record, you can rest assured we will prepare and provide you with a list of apartments you can have confidence in getting approved at.
  2. Personalized Help and List of Apartments:
    By completing an intake form, you can rest assured we will do everything we can to ensure the time and effort is put into creating a list of apartments that will work with your misdemeanor. Whether it’s a drug posession charge or a DUI/DWI, let’s discuss your circumstances and put a plan together to get you approved! Your apartment locator works to find housing options that align with your needs and preferences for location, amenities and budget no matter what type of misdemeanor you may have showing up on your backgound.
  3. Open Communication and Direct Access to Your Locator:
    Clear and open communication is essential in any relationship – especially when it comes to discussing your misdemeanor. Apartment locators prioritize transparent communication between our clients and property managers to ensure we don’t waste your time or ours. Our primary goal is to assist you in finding an apartment where you can get approved.

Our expertise and resources are dedicated to helping individuals with misdemeanors that show up on criminal backgrounds. Apartment locating services for individuals with misdemeanors are available to discuss your specific circumstances to put together a plan and get you approved for an apartment! With their expertise, database access, and advocacy skills, apartment locators can help you navigate the challenges of having a criminal background, including that pesky misdemeanor!

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Ross Quade

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