Unlocking Your Dream Home: Overcoming Credit Hurdles with Our Exclusive Apartment Locating Service

Getting Denied for Bad Credit is Not Fun!

Scared of loosing your application and administrative fee with an apartment rental application? A downright rejection can leave you feeling discouraged or hopeless. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our apartment locating service that will make your Austin apartment search a smooth and rewarding experience as we address your issues and work on getting you approved for your next place!

Navigating Credit Challenges: More Common Than You Think

It’s not unusual for someone with a credit score under 600 to face obstacles when looking for an apartment rental here in Austin. As the amount of apartment communities restrict their guidelines on what qualifies to get approved, it’s now more important than ever to work with an Austin apartment locator that can assist you in finding your dream place. In fact about 1 in every 10 inquiries we get is from someone struggling with a credit score below 550!

The good news is that we specialize in these issues and we’ve helped many clients find apartments that are perfect for them, even if their credit isn’t perfect because of a charge-off, property debt, low credit score or a broken lease.

The Importance of Income

While credit is an important factor to getting an approval, the best way to get your next apartment is to show a steady stream of income. In most apartment communities, your monthly income must be at least 3 times your rent. For example, imagine you and a friend are looking for a great 2-bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms at $2000/month. Your monthly income must be $6000/month or higher.

Variability in Requirements

If you’re worried that you don’t qualify for the 3x rent-to-income ratio, don’t worry! Some communities have more flexible criteria, asking for as little as 2x or as much as 2.5x your month’s income to qualify for their specific underwriting requirements. The variation in these criteria can open up opportunities for you when working with an apartment locator, making sure that there’s a good option for you, no matter high or low your credit score is.

How Our Service Can Transform Your Housing Search

1. Contact Us Today for Hyper-Personalized Choices

Are you tired of being not knowing how to deal with bad credit, low credit scores and getting your application rejected? Now is the time to get in touch with us! Our friendly team is ready to have a one-on-one chat about your individual circumstances so that you can get moving and find a place that matches all of your search criteria. By getting to know your needs and issues, we can customize our services to help you find an apartment that not only fits your needs but also fits your budget.

2. Strategic Solutions for Your Perfect Apartment

Our mission isn’t just to find you a place to live; we’re here to navigate the apartment marketplace for you. From negotiating with leasing agents trying to get you to sign during your “look and lease” period to finding communities that accept tenants with credit issues, we’ll use our knowledge to your advantage which saves you time and money!

3. Explore Your Housing Options with Confidence

We’re going to take time to listen to you and what you like, what’s on your budget, and what you’re looking for in a new apartment South or North of Ladybird Lake. We want to make apartment hunting as easy as possible for you with a list of hyper-personalized options that are tailored to your exact budget and lifestyle.

Your Next Apartment Awaits

Don’t let your credit score get in the way of your dream apartment. Our one-stop apartment locating service turns past rejections into opportunities. Get in touch with us today and let’s start this journey together! Your ideal place to live isn’t just around the corner, it’s right in front of you. Choose our service and let us turn your housing search story into a successful one.

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Ross Quade

Austin Realtor and Apartment Expert