Breaking Down the Truth on How to Rent with an Eviction on Your Record

If you’re reading this it’s because you’re actually looking for a place to rent that will approve you with an eviction on your record. Ignore the big apartment websites because they sure don’t know to look. In fact, they tell you to “Find Apartments that Accept Evictions.” Sounds pretty easy right? Just take a day off work or spend your entire weekend calling around at different places hoping they answer the phone and then explaining your eviction to every single apartment leasing agent only to find:

  • They won’t tell you the truth because they don’t actually know the leasing requirements in detail.
  • They tell you to just apply and see what happens because they don’t know or because they want you to come into their office and apply hoping you’ll move forward because it makes them look good to their manager.
  • They have to check with their manager and they don’t call you back because they don’t accept renters with evictions on their records.

Renting with an eviction on your record can be a challenging experience and quite costly considering how much apartments charge for application and administrative fees. While you may have stumbled on one of the many blogs or articles offering individuals conventional advice found on the internet about how to improve your credit score, make a list of references and offer to increase your damage deposit that stuff doesn’t work with apartment communities because they all use screening companies and have different requirements for approving their tenant. However, there exists an alternative route that diverges from the normal garbage you’ll spending hours reading online wondering where the hell these so called eviction friendly apartments are. Work with a local apartment locator who specializes in navigating the intricacies of evictions and is well-versed in second chance apartments throughought Austin that are open to renting to individuals with an eviction on their record.

Conventional Advice versus Real Life

Typically, those with an eviction on their record face numerous hurdles in the rental market and may have already been denied at another apartment complex you visisted. Many property managers and landlords are wary of approving tenants with eviction history due to perceived risks and we get it’s – it’s fair to think that because a tenant has an eviction they will have a higher chance of getting evicted at the new place. Mabye it’s been awhile though and you made a mistake but it shouldn’t prohibit you from finding a place to live! You’re eviction could be for non payment of rent, loud noise or any number of issues that you might now regret. Conventional advice often involves improving credit scores, providing a co-signer, or searching for landlords willing to overlook past issues that might work for small mom and pop landlords who don’t use a property manager. While these are valid suggestions for improving your credit and background history, our approach takes a more targeted approach – show you the actual apartments that rent with an eviction on your record!

Examples of Rent Prices for People with Evictions in and Around Austin, Texas:

Below is sample range of what you could expect to see for rent ranges of actual apartments that will approve you with an eviction on your record. The more amenity rich the location, the pricier the apartment.

  • Studo: $900 – $1300
  • 1bd/1ba: $1100-$1700
  • 2bd/1ba: $1500-$1950

How an Apartment Locator Can Help Your Search and Approval Odds

Choose to work with a local apartment locator in Austin, Texas that specializes in eviction cases can be a game-changer for getting you a place of your own. With in-depth knowledge of the local apartment marketplace, including properties that are more open to working with individuals with evictions on their records – you can get approved! It doesn’t matter if the eviction is less than 2 years or older than 2 years. We have options! Our expertise extends beyond generic online advice, offering personalized insights and recommendations tailored to your unique situation and backstory.

Understanding the Local Austin Area Apartment Screening Criteria:
Local apartment locators are licensed real estate agents that have their fingers on the pulse of the rental market for home rentals and apartments. They understand the specific criteria each property considers during the tenant approval process because they have worked with clients like you before. Leveraging this knowledge, they can guide you towards apartments with property managers who are more flexible when it comes to tenants with eviction histories.

Personalized Strategy to Searching and Applying:
Rather than wasting money on application fees and administrative fees, searching for a local apartment locator near me can craft personalized strategies based on your individual circumstances so you save both time and money. This include having an advocate for you that can communicate clearly and professionally why you would be a good fit for leasing there while discussing the aspects of your rental history, providing additional references, or offering explanations for the past eviction that could resonate with property managers. Just keep in mind you may be required to pay an additional deposit plus you’ll have to show proof of income with an employment offer letter and paycheck stubs equal to 3x the monthyl rent.

Building a Path to Getting Approved with an Eviction:
Working with a local expert allows you to navigate the intricacies of the local rental market with a tailored approach by a trusted resource that’s on your side and will provide insight, honest opionions and feedback. Knowing the specific criteria of apartments that work with evictions we might explore apartments that don’t check rental history past 2 years or that might not even review rental history as part of the individual application process. The point is you need a guide on your side with local knowledge to navigate the process rather than relying solely on standardized or general lists of advice many other websites and even apartment hunters will provide you.

Renting with an evicted record doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. By breaking away from conventional advice and partnering with an apartment locator that specializes in eviction friendly apartments, you can uncover hidden gems in your rental market.

This personalized and strategic approach unlocks doors that traditional solutions often don’t open, giving you new hope for finding a place to live despite past struggles. You don’t need to ask who will rent to me with an eviction anymore! Get in touch with us today to receive a tailored list of apartments that fit your search criteria, and did we mention it’s free?

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  1. Have a broken lease from last year, it’s one months rent, and I’m settling with the company to get it paid off! I make 63k annually and my fiance makes 14k annually through military benefits for school!

    1. Hi Alvie, thanks for your reaching out. We will definitely have some options for you. Please call tomorrow and we would be happy to help!

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