Explore Effective Methods for Removing a Broken Lease from Rental History

If you’re reading this it’s because you must be frustrated and looking for an apartment with a broken lease on your record. You should know that removing a terminated lease from your rental record can pose difficulties, given that this data is usually disclosed to tenant screening agencies by your former landlord or property management company. In this blog post we will discuss how to get a broken lease off your rental history with some tactics you might consider along with real examples of apartment criteria that accepts renters with a broken lease on their record with.

Tactict #1 – Negotiate with Previous Landlord

Reach out to your former landlord and attempt to discuss the removal or alteration of the broken lease from your rental record. Emphasize any positive developments such as issue resolutions, outstanding fee payments, or fulfillment of remaining obligations. While not certain, some landlords might be open to cooperation and it’s important you make an attempt to remove the broken lease that’s showing up on your record.

Real Example #1: This Apartment We Work With Will Consider Applications: 2+ years from open date on credit report, any balance under $1,501

Tactic #2 – Offer to Settle the Debt

Try to reach an agreement if there are any overdue fees or unpaid rent linked to the terminated lease. This could be paying a reduced amount, full amount or payment plan. Propose settling the outstanding amounts in return for the landlord updating the rental record to indicate a resolution or atleast work to put it on a payment plan that will show you’re responsible and making a valid attempt to solve your previous issues. It’s important to secure written confirmation of any agreements for clarity and protection since this will be required when you apply at the new apartment community.

Real Example #2: This Apartment We Work With Will Consider Applications: Over 4 years, less than 6k owed

Tactic #3 – Wait for the Lease to Expire

Over time, the effect of the broken lease on your rental history may lessen and some Austin apartment communities will only work with you if it is atleast 2 years old. Certain tenant screening agencies may only disclose information for a specific duration, such as seven years. As the broken lease ages, its impact on your rental history is likely to diminish but will still show up on your credit report.

Real Example #3: This Apartment We Wortk With Will Consider Applicants: Extra deposit sometimes applies $500 or less owed to previous landlord

Tactic #4 –Provide Positive Rental References

Emphasize the importance of obtaining positive rental references from future housing situations. If you have been a responsible tenant following the previous lease issue, gather references from landlords who can confirm your dependability, adherence to lease agreements, and timely rent payments.

Tactic #5 – Dispute Inaccuracies & Fight It

The last option you might consider is either working with a credit repair company or trying to do it yourself. Make it a habit to review your credit report and rental history for errors. If you discover any inconsistencies regarding your broken lease, contest them with the credit bureaus. Furnish evidence to substantiate your position, such as proof of resolved matters or fulfilled responsibilities. You can visit this website to learn more. There is no affiliation, she just has some good reviews you might find helpful.

There is No 1 Size Fits All Approach

It is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to getting rid of a broken lease in your rental history and that the effectiveness of these approaches can vary based on you income, credit score and rental history. Some communities we work with as an apartment locator may be willing to work with you for balances less than $1,500 and no more than 1 broken lease. Additionally some may require that it be atleast 2 years old or on a payment plan it just depends since every community is different! Establishing a good rental history in the future can help to reduce the impact of past problems over time since your broken lease will show for 7 years when your credit and background check are ran. Always be honest and open with your landlord or property management company so you don’t waste application and admin fees.

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