Where are all the Austin Apartments for Rent Under $1,000?

Let’s jump right in as we get started with moving season and everyone’s preoccupied with finding the perfect place to live in Austin that’s not only affordable but in a great spot. What’s “a good location” to you might mean different things to another renter, but in my experience:

The best place to live in Austin to avoid sitting in traffic is:

  • Close to Work
  • Close to Friends
  • Close to Family

There you have it, pretty simple right?! What if I told you I’ve personally known people that will commute to work over 1 hour each way just so they could save between $100-$200 a month on rental payments. Believe it or not, these people are gonna spend almost just as much per month in gas – it’s crazy!

Amenities you might not get with rent under $1,000

  • Washer/Dryer in Unit
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Closed off 1 bedroom from living space

While it’s not typical to see rents under $1000 a month that include a washer/dryer there is a fraction of these units that are available as notated below. You can get an apartment within your budget and not spend a fortune on coin laundry if you work with an apartment locator!

It doesn’t have to be this way, I have access to communities in North and South Austin that will only require 2.5 the income requirement. Heck there are even some senior communities if you’re 55+ that require you only make 1x the rental amount in monthly income.

North Austin Apartments Under $1,000 in Monthly Rent

North Austin Apartments Under $1,000 Rent: May 2024 – August 2024

Depending on where you’d like to live, there are certainly a handul of communities that provide housing choices at less than $1,000 a month in rent. When they are available is a whole other storey however. The above image is a general search and so these communities are likely to have availablity for apartments under your $1,000 a month budget with a move in date between April 30th all the way out to the end of August, 2024. If we take a closer look for availability for a move between May 1st and May 31st there are only 14 units in total in all of North Austin!

In general, cheaper units tend to be near freeways including Mopac, 35W and several in North Austin above St. Johns all the way up to Wells Branch. If you can stand sitting in traffic during rush hour you might also consider Far Northwest Austin past The Domain up near Cedar Park.

All Rental Units Under $1,000 in North Austin: May 1 – May 31 Availability for Move-in

Given the limited availability, it’s easy to understand why and how an apartment locator can assist you in beating out other renters who are looking for a place within their preferred locations, timeline for moving and budget. Never doubt an apartment locator with access to so much data!

You can save countless hours plus your invaluable time when choosing to work with an apartment expert that knows where to score the best deals in Austin for apartments that are priced under $1,000 a month. Granted, these places might only be studios and may not have laundry on site – we can formulate a plan and weed out the properties that don’t match your criteria so you can actually find a place you like living in!

Gotta Have a Washer/Dryer in-unit? Better Hurry up and Call Ross, the Locator Boss

There are ONLY 7 units in ALL of Austin with a washery/dryer unit for May 2024 move-in

South Austin Apartments Under $1,000 in Monthly Rent

Ah, South Austin. More trees, more chill and better tacos;) JK, you can go anywhere in this city for the best tacos! Let’s dive in on rental apartments though and see what’s availabile that might meet your rental requirements of sticking under 1k a month in rent.

South Austin Apartments Under $1,000/Rent: May 2024 – August 2024

Same as before with North Austin, this map shows all availabe units all the way out to August. If you were looking at moving between May 1 and May 31st you should know there are a total of only 6 units in all of South Austin with most being in the East Riverside area and only 1 just west of McKinney Falls State Park.

ONLY 6 APARTMENT UNITS in South Austin for May 1 – May 31 move-in

Well, there you have it! Obviously pricing and availability are always subject to change so if you are looking for an apartment that meets your preferred locations and want to stay within budget – please reach out to discuss your options! This is a free service to those moving to Austin or those Austinities already living here that are looking for a cheap apartment to live in.

On this last note, I will say there are communities that are brand new offering up to 6-8 weeks free that are priced at $1250 but if you self-prorate you will still be able to stick to your $1,000 a month rental budget. I only bring this up because these newer communities have new co-working spaces, new clubhouses, new pools and unlimited coffee. So….if you have that Starbucks addiction and would rather save $150 a month on a short walk down to the leasing office to snag that free coffee, it’s something to consider!

Need a Cheap Apartment in Austin? Find a Rental for Less than $1,000 a Month with Ross, the Locator Boss: 512-320-4599

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