Get a Renter’s Ca$h Rebate!

Get rewarded with a CASH REBATE plus additional rewards!

A Renter’s Ca$h Rebate is a way to get money back after you sign a lease. Your rent will stay the same whether you use our apartment locating services or not. But…it would be nice to be able to put some cash in the bank.

Additional Renter Rewards!

In addition to a Renter’s Ca$h Rebate, you can also receive cash back with your next home purchase with our Renter Rewards Program. When you’re ready to buy a home in the Austin area you’ll receive 50% of the buyer’s agent commission received at closing. If you’re taking out a conventional or FHA mortgage which are the most common financing options for the typical home buyer, you unfortunately won’t be able to use the commission rebate as part of your down payment. You can however use the funds to buy down your interest rate or cover your closts costs. With today’s higher interest rates it becomes a significant long term advantage to reduce your interest rate, espeically since you won’t be paying for it! As for closing costs on a typical closing transaction for homes in Austin to range between 2-3%. So as an example if you if you financed $300,000 you could expect to pay anywhere beween $6,000 and $9,000 in closing costs. These costs are made up of title insurance, mortgage broker fees, credit reporting fees, application fees, pre-paid property taxes and quite possibly the Survey fee if you didn’t utilize one provided by the Seller.

Home Buyer Rebate Example

While a recent lawsuit may change buyer agent commissions, they currently average between 2.5% commission to the real estate agents broker at closing. After deducting broker costs, you may be able to receive a 1.25% cash rebate by taking advantage of this program. So as an example, if you purchased a $350,000 home in Austin, you would receive a $4,375 cash rebate to use towards closing costs or as an interest rate buy-down.

How Do I Learn More?

Whether you’re moving to Austin or live locally and need someone to turn to in this crazy housing market – we should talk. Real estate doesn’t have to be intimidating and you’d be surprised to learn about various programs available to renters throughout the entire area which may provide additional incentives you may find rewarding as a potential home buyer. Please reach out to dicuss your real estate goals anytime!