When You Should Apply for an Apartment in Austin?

Searching online for apartments is time consuming – hire a locator instead!

Best Move-in Specials Come up within 60 Days of Your Intended Move

Applying to rent an apartment in Austin is a tiring endeavour. You’ll need to make sure you take the time to gather your important paperwork because the apartment community is going to check your credit, background, employment, income. Everything will show up so there’s no point in trying to hid anything. 60-90 days before you even start looking you should download CreditKarma and figure out what you’re credit score is and where it needs to be depending on which type of community you are looking to move into. Most luxury Austin apartments have minimum credit score and income requirements.

Minimum Requirements to Rent in Austin

  1. Minimum 600 credit score
  2. Minimum 3x the monthly rent

If you don’t meet the threshold for credit or income, we might be able to find you some newer communities that are more lax on their standards if they are a brand new complex that needs to fill their units – just reach out and let us know what you’re looking for and if we can help.

Anyways when you’re ready to start apartment hunting – don’t waste your time applying for an apartment and then going home to think about it for a few days, a week or a month. Ideally, you shouldn’t even start looking at apartments until you’re ready to apply and sign. Why Ross, would I ever do that? Well the fact is most apartment communities want to entice you to sign and lease and so the offers are only available for a limited time once you tour the property.

Look and Lease Specials

These communities are incentivized to fill their units and how do they do that? They offer big discounts with move-in speicals under a look and lease offer. That means they might offer you a substaincial discount in the terms of a cash card, discount on rent or a certain percentage off your monthly rent if you sign a lease typically within 24-48 hours after viewing and touring the property.

Listen people, if you want to save money on your rent don’t mess around. You shouldn’t be moving unless your spending to much time driving to work, want to live closer to friends and family or your property manager raised your rent so much you don’t know if you’re getting a good deal anymore. It’s annoying that these places charge $50 application fees and $200 admin fees but it’s to keep the tire kickers out the door. If you don’t like the place, don’t apply. It’s pretty simple as there might be other apartment locations and communities in Austin that could be a better fit.

If You Plan to Move in the Next 60 Days Contact Ross, the Locator Boss for the Best Move-in Specials in the Hottest Neighborhoods at 512-320-4599